About Us​

This is Svensk Byggkontroll

Svensk Byggkontroll is an industry-wide control system to stop fraud and work-related crime in the construction and installation industry. The controls also serve as a support for companies that want to do the right thing.

Who We​ Are

Svensk Byggkontroll is a separate unit at Byggnads that works to ensure that companies pay the correct wages and compensations. Those who carry out the controls have special training for the task. Even union representatives at larger companies work according to the model.

Our Mission​

The purpose of Svensk Byggkontroll is that both you as a business owner and you who work in the construction and installation industry should feel confident that there is order in the industry, that companies compete on equal terms and that employees recieves the correct salary and compensation.

What We Do

Request company documents
Identify any errors
Give companies the opportunity to correct the errors
Ensure that errors have been corrected
Help companies comply with the rules
Consult with employer organizations
Notify the authorities

This is how the review process works

By systematically carrying out so called advanced reviews on companies, Svensk Byggkontroll is able to find and remove cheating and criminal actors from the industry.

Do you have questions about Svensk Byggkontroll?

Please contact us via info@svenskbyggkontroll.se